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Xantrex Prosine Inverter Installation II

Now that the 12vdc circuits were complete, it was time to focus on the A/C side of the power inverter.  The first order of business was to determine the mounting location of the small Square D sub-panel inside of the service body compartment.  After careful consideration, the location was chosen as you'll see in the photos below.  We drilled three holes in the back wall of the compartment and mounted the panel with " stainless steel hardware.

For the cabling, we began by drilling three one inch holes up from the underside of the compartment for the 12ga a/c input and output cables as well as a smaller cable for the engine block heater.  Using compression type fittings, the cables were routed along the frame of the truck and run up through the compression fittings.  

Installation of the Square D sub-panel and breakers.

Making the connections to the power inverter for input and output.

Full view of the Xantrex power inverter and electrical sub-panel.

Installation of the inverter is complete.

Input and output cables under the service body.

In the electrical panel, we replaced the 60a double throw breaker with a single 20a and a tandem 20 circuit breaker.  The tandem breaker will allow us to control the engine block heater circuit and the Xantrex power inverter input from shore power.  The cables were run into the panel, striped and secured in their respective mounting lugs.  Then we ran some solid copper 12ga cable from the panel to the power inverter.  It was a little tricky working with the solid copper wires in the small confined space of the service compartment.  With the help some needle nose pliers and a short stubby screwdriver, we were able to make the necessary connections as shown in the photos.  These cables were then run up and behind the power inverter and into the sub-panel.  The necessary connections were made to complete the input and output circuits as well as the block heater circuit.

Once the wiring was complete, we were able to replace the cover of the Square D panel.  The panel cover of the Xantrex power inverter was replaced as well.  The last step of the process was to locate and mount the remote control monitor.  We decided to mount the remote unit in the cargo cover of the Consolidator console.  This allows us to have the power inverter's remote control easily accessible, but it does not take up the much needed panel space for our gauges and switches.  We removed the lid and cut out the square hole with a pneumatic cut-off wheel.  Once installed, the communications cable (a phone type cord) was routed under and into the cab, all the way into the console.  Now the installation is complete and we have the most impressive mobile power inverter setup ever conceived. 

When plugged into shore power, the Xantrex inverter automatically detects the incoming current and switches to charging mode to keep the batteries charged and provide any other 12v power we may need on the truck.  When not plugged in, the unit is set for d/c to a/c power conversion.  And what makes this so great is that it is pure sine wave power.  This means that sensitive electrical devices such as computers and other electronics will operate perfectly with this inverter.  We are very grateful to Xantrex for their support and for such an awesome product.

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