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Unity Spotlights

Project Responder has always had spotlights mounted in the front windshield posts. They were the old style Unity spotlights with chrome plated metal housings and sealed beam aircraft landing lights. They were effective but they drew a lot of current and they were a pain to keep polished and bright. Over time, the bulb housings became pitted no matter how much they were polished. The switches were also a source of angst. For the Project Responder transformation, we didn't want to lose the spotlights, but we wanted something better. We could not afford the new HID version spotlights and quite frankly, as infrequently as they get used, it was not worth the expense.

We decided on a new set of Unity post mounted spotlights but these are the newer style that are found on most police cars and emergency vehicles today. They have an ABS plastic housing with a halogen bulb and independent reflector assembly in the housing. The pivoting mechanism is much more refined and adjusting the tension for the operation of the spotlight is now built into the unit rather than relying on the post mounted tensioning screw squeezing the outer tube against the inner shaft.

The new Unity spotlights look absolutely fantastic on the truck and the black abs plastic heads are less noticeable and therefore less gaudy than the previous chrome versions. We are very happy with our new Unity spotlights. Their performance and appearance enhance, rather than detract from the overall performance of our project vehicle.