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Firefighting Turnout Gear

We can't fight fires without the necessary gear. Globe Manufacturing has made sure that once we get there, we are fully prepared to battle the blaze. With our new G-XTREME turnout gear, we will be dressed for the occasion. The ensemble includes a G-XTREME Coat and G-XTREME Pants with suspenders.

Globe Manufacturing's G-Extreme turnout coat.

Globe Manufacturing's G-Extreme turnout trousers.

What makes this G-XTREME turnout gear so spectacular is the amount of research that went into it's creation. This bunker gear is the most comfortable and easy to wear turnout gear we've ever worn. First of all, the turnout gear is very lightweight considering how much protection this bunker gear offers. Next, is the amount of protection this turnout gear offers. And one of the greatest innovations is the amount of mobility and flexibilty this turnout gear offers. The ergonomics are incredible.

Put simply, this G-XTREME turnout gear from Globe Manufacturing is the most incredible bunker gear we've ever had the pleasure of wearing. We are extremely (no pun intended) to Globe Manufacturing for their support and for providing us with the absolute best in firefighting turnout gear available!

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