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Police Lights, Police Lightbars, Police Car Lights, Dash Lights, Grille Lights

Call them what you will, police lights, emergency lights, flashing lights, sirens, you can't have an emergency vehicle without having it outfitted with at least some sort of audible & emergency vehicle lighting. At the bare minimum, a flashing or rotating beacon in the dash and a basic siren can get you by. However, this is the "Ultimate Volunteer Firefighter's Response Vehicle" and as such, it needs to have the latest and greatest when it comes to moving traffic. To that end, I'm pretty sure that getting the attention of other drivers will be accomplished as effectively as possible.

Project Responder sports a wide array of warning equipment such as a large Federal 'Q' siren mounted in the front bumper, an all LED Lightbar from Tomar, multiple Tomar strobe lights, LED grille lights from Tomar, led dash lights from Tomar and Lightning X Products, led perimeter lights from Tomar, halogen oscilasers and more as well as air horns to wake up distracted drivers. The emergency vehicle lights and all of the other emergency lighting equipment serve one purpose, to allow the truck to get to the scene as quickly and as safely as possible.

With the technology that has become available since the project was concieved, I've updated the truck considerably since it was first completed. The MX7000 has been replaced with a Tomar 930L LED Lightbar, the halogen lights in the grille have been replaced with super bright Tomar LED grille lights and with the proliferation of LED police lights now, I'm able to increase the warning effectiveness without taxing the electrical system. And LED police lights really are cool.

Note: The phrase 'police lights' is commonly used to describe emergency vehicle lights, whether they be for fire, police, ems or other use.

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