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TruckLite LED Turnsignals

Safety for us and those around us is a very high priority. For that reason, we wanted to install side mounted turn signals. Since the truck is so long, it's hard for someone in a small car driving next to us to know of our intention to change lanes or make a turn. We thought we were going to have to somehow modify the led signals from another vehicle manufacturer to fit the Ford truck's fenders. Or even less desirable, to use an incandecent aftermarket signal.

Trucklite's new led side mount turn signals.

These are amazing lights. The super bright leds are visible over a 90˚ arc.

Trucklite to the rescue. They recently released these beautiful side mount led turnsignals and they are amazing. We don't know what brand of led they use, but they are extremely bright. The reflector design effectively directs the light a full 90. They are fully sealed and the perfect solution for our truck.

We've decided to install these in our Lund side steps. We did not have enough space in the ends of the front bumper to install them there and we do not want to cut holes in the fenders, so the steps are the best location we could come up with. They will help to let passing motorists know when we're going to turn this rig around. Thanks to Trucklite, we couldn't be happier.

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