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ICE Lights for personal protection

When we first saw the ICE (Intense Color Emitter) light from Torfino Enterprises, Inc., we knew we had to have a couple for our truck. LED's are such a great invention and Torfino has really come up with a great solution for nighttime visibility. These ICE lights are battery powered, wearable illumination devices. At night, they are very effective in providing positive personnel identification. They also make great devices for traffic control, catching the attention of otherwise 'rubber neck' drivers, making sure emergency personnel are safe.

The ICE Light (shown is the red/blue and amber/white models)

These lights have three energized modes. The first being a rapid flash around the body of the light, alternating colors for conspicuity. Second and third positions are steady burn for each color. They are also water resistant up to thirty feet and they float making them great for water rescue operations at night.

We won't be caught at night without our ICE lights and neither should you.

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