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Tomar Remote Strobes


Thanks to the help of Signal 911 Emergency Supply who allowed us to purchase these warning lights at a very significant discount, we are going to be able to ensure that Project Responder is highly visible. With an ample selection of Tomar rect37 strobe heads, we will have a total of twelve strobes strategically placed around the truck. The heaviest concentration will be the front and the rear with the sides illuminated as well.

Some of the strobe heads to be installed

We chose Tomar for several reasons. The RECT-37 sealed beam strobe lamp is 100% watertight and features a chrome coated reflector. It is molded from Lexan® and has been designed to fit all popular emergency vehicles. These are the brightest strobes available.

In addition, we chose a Tomar arrow bar, model UC-TDN-7. This is an all strobe traffic director with 7 rect37 strobes. The remote power supply will be mounted in the cab under the rear seat. This strobe traffic directional bar is capable of right arrow, left arrow, center out, and sweep. The TDN bars have all the intensity of a full size traditional halogens arrow board without the high amp draw or bulky size. The housings for these arrow bars are made out of black powder painted 20 gauge steel.

We can't wait to install our new emergency lighting. Between the Ecco lightbar and the twelve high power strobes, Project Responder will light up the night.

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