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Neobe Power Supplies by Tomar


Thanks to Tomar Electronics, all of the strobe lights are operational. Tomar has supplied the project with three neobe power supplies. Each unit powers four heads. One neobe power supply powers the strobes facing front in the bumper. Another strobe power supply powers the strobe lights facing rear. Because these are the best strobe power supplies anywhere, I became an authorized distributor for Tomar and now offer the neobe power supplies for sale.

One of the three power supplies we'll be using

From the TOMAR website: The model 780–1228 NEOBE® power supply features a technology that produces the look of neon and the intensity of strobe lighting, combined into one lamp that appears to burn continuously rather than flash. The NEOBE® design produces more light per watt than any strobe power supply on the market. The result is unequalled warning light performance, far superior to a halogen, rotator, or conventional strobe. TOMAR model 780–1228 NEOBE® power supply is designed to operate one to four remote strobe heads in a multiple flash alternating pattern. The unit features weatherproof design and hi-low intensity, which may be selected manually by a remote switch or automatically by remote mounted photocell. The 780–1228 operates on 12 thru 28 VDC, features head cut-out circuitry to disable sets of heads, polarity protection diode, and contains RFI filters for both high and low band. The TOMAR NEOBE® power supply features a revolutionary strobe circuit that extends the dwell time (on time) of the strobe as well as increasing the life of the strobe lamp by approximately 50%.

I am very grateful to Tomar for their support. Outfit your vehicle with Tomar Strobes.

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