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Steering Stabilizer

After taking the truck out a few times, especially on the highways around here, it was very evident that the truck needed a steering stabilizer. Even with the Borgeson steering linkage, the ORU crossover kit and the maintenance of the steering column, the truck still tended to wander significantly in the 18 wheeler ruts. So we ran out and purchased a Superlift steering stabilizer kit for our application from Missouri Four Wheelers Supply in Springfield.

The kit arrived two days later. This Superlift steering stabilizer kit is designed specifically for the dana 60 front axle found on the F350. Before mounting the steering stabilizer, we had the brackets powder coated over at Spectrum Industrial Coatings in Labadie. Then it was a simple bolt on operation. The steering stabilizer was extended 4" and then the brackets were positioned and installed. After all of the brackets and hardware was in place, we tested the installation by turning the tires from side to side to ensure there was no binding of the components.

Now it was time to take it out in the real world and see how it performed. We were more than happy when we no longer had to fight the steering wheel to keep the truck centered in the lane. We know we have to share the road with the big rigs, but we don't have to suffer the agony of fighting their ruts. With the new superlift steering stabilizer installed, it's one less thing we have to be concerned about.