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Imagine how difficult it can be working around a fire scene in the dead of winter. Hundreds, even thousands of gallons of water discharged into a burning building or a vehicle engulfed in flame. Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, water is going to freeze. When it does, the job becomes that much more difficult and dangerous. We knew there had to be a good solution out there other than a basic crampon.

After searching high and low, we accidentally stumbled upon the home of 32 North. For the longest time, we searched for the perfect non-slip footwear that would fit over the entire sole of a firefighting boot, not simply nestle in the arch of the boot. 32 North has done just that, and with a Vibram sole no less. These are like studded snow tires for your feet. It has seventeen sharp, replaceable, metal studs around the perimeter of the sole. Needless to say, when we found these, we had to have them.After all, this is supposed to be the "ultimate" vehicle and it should have the "ultimate" equipment.

This is the commercial version, perfect for firefighting in icy conditions.

The folks at 32 North were incredibly friendly to work. In fact, the stabilicers arrived so quickly, we thought they had been delivered by supersonic jet. Not that we're hoping for ice, but when it does, we can't wait to try out these awesome grippers.

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