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Skid Unit - Slip on type

When we started this project, we secretly hoped that we would be able to make Project Responder into a real 'fire truck'. With the help of RKO Enterprises, that dream has become a reality. RKO made this a reality when we first started this project. Fast forward a couple of years. Like everything else, design technology improves as time goes by. RKO wanted to keep us up to date and to that end we have a new and greatly improved slip on skid unit. Originally, in the back of our service body is was that consisted of an aluminum ladder frame and deck, 150 gallon fiberglass tank, 9hp twin impeller pump, Hannay hose reel and seventy feet of hose. One of the requirements was that we did not want it to significantly block the rear viewing area and we did not want the warning lighting to be blocked by the reel either.

slip on skid unit installed.
Custom slip on skid unit installed.
9hp Briggs and Stratton engine with Davey twin impeller pump.
9hp Briggs and Stratton engine with Davey twin impeller pump.
Skid unit with 75ft of 1in booster hose.
Skid unit with 75ft of 1in booster hose.
4in high slide out drawer under the skid unit.
4in high slide out drawer under the skid unit.

Pistol grip nozzle installed on 75ft of hose.

Our new skid unit was created with a 200 gallon poly tank which has a built in foam cell. The foam cell is a free feature of all RKO skid units. A 9hp Briggs & Stratton motor powers a twin impeller pump, plumbed to a Hannay hose reel with 75ft of 1in booster hose. Stainless steel tubing was used to create the plumbing and high quality brass valves control water flow. An RKO pressure gauge on the panel shows the water pressure while an FRC led tank level gauge shows the amount of water remaining in the UPF tank. One of the innovative features of this unit is that it comes with a full pull out storage drawer that stows away underneath the skid.

RKO Enterprises Designs and Manufactures each and every Skid Unit with a skill and a pride that is unrivaled in the Emergency Equipment Industry.

Proper design and function begins with their customer's communicating with them such items as unit size, function, budget, and more. RKO ensures that the unit is started correctly with their "Skid Unit Design Guide". This is a simple (4) page fill-in-the- blank document that is always available on their web site. Once this design guide is sent back to RKO, they then write a formal set of specifications, price, and delivery date on the Custom Skid Unit.

RKO Custom brush fire sleds can be configured to hold as little as 50 gallons to over 1500 gallons of water. Foam cells of various capacities are available. Foam injection systems integrated to handle Class "A" and / or "B" foam concentrates are available as well. Units can be supplied as pick-up truck mounts, flat bed mounts, larger truck mounts, trailer, or stand-alone modules. There are virtually no limits to size or performance capabilities. When you purchase your unit from RKO Enterprises, you can rest assured that you are buying the best. No cutting corners or utilization of inferior components.

Be sure to ask for the Project Responder Special when you contact RKO or visit the RKO web site and download your own Skid Unit Design Guide today.

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