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Sho-Me LED

We needed to add some additional led's to the perimeter of the truck but we wanted to keep them as low profile as possible. We found the perfect solution: Able2 brand LED lights by the inch. The part number for these lights is 11.8231. These lights are literally ordered by the inch, by color. Originally, we were going to mount these under the service body facing to the sides. Since these light sticks have two amber sections, we've since decided to mount these facing front and rear.

Able2 / Sho-Me Led's by the inch. Ours are 36"" long.

The color band shows the color configuration of these lights. Each light segment is 6"" long.

The light assemblies from Able2 are 36 inches long with five sections of 6"" each. The outter two sections are amber. The inner three sections are red, white and blue. The amber leds will be controlled by one Able2 flasher while the red, white and blue leds will be powered by a second flasher.

We are very grateful to Able2 / Sho-Me for their support and what makes this even better is the fact that these led lights are manufactured here in Missouri. Now we can have tons of light with hardly any current draw.

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