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Reflective Flaps

Mud flaps. Most folks probably don't give much thought to them. They just hang there on most trucks and big rigs without any glory or fanfare. That's all changed now. Thanks to USA Flap's state of the art reflective bonding process, we have four very awesome mud flaps which will shine brightly in the late night hours.

We came across the USA Flap web site while searching for good quality mud flaps for our truck. After all, we don't want rocks, mud and asphalt getting all over our shiny new paint job. We never dreamed that someone actually had a bright idea of marrying mud flaps with reflective material.This is one of the greatest ideas we've seen. When we contacted the company, it turns out that they do a lot more than just mud flaps. We'll get into that later as things progress.

With a highly reflective and faithful reproduction of the Project Responder logo, these mud flaps from USA Flap will definitely get us noticed at night.

What's even more amazing is that the cost to create just one set of custom flaps which are 19" tall and 12" is much less than you might think. To determine the cost to create a set of flaps, we first sent in a copy of our artwork by email. They don't use photoshop so we had to convert the image to a very low compression jpeg image. Since our logo has white borders, we put the artwork on a black background. We sent one file for the maltese cross and one for the lettering. Each file was around one megabyte. They create a scaled proof and sent it back for our approval. It took three or four attempts, but it finally came out perfect. We left four inches at the bottom for some custom stainless steel flap weights we have our eyes on. Once approved, it took one week and our flaps were on our doorstep.

Now all that's left is to make some custom mounts and get them installed. Stay tuned as we wrap up the flaps.

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