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Wiring Made Easier

Thanks to Made For Your Products, we were able to conveniently and attractively secure all of the factory wiring harness leads as well as the main power cables running along the frame rails. We were also able to secure the air lines, fuel lines and brake lines as well. The Made 4 You non metallic clamps were the perfect solution allowing us to separate and secure the wire loom, air hoses and welding cables, fuel line and brake lines to the frame where we wanted them, out of the way of obstacles and with out worry of chaffing through the loom or the insulation.

Running the Wires

And the air hoses

Over & under

Left room for the fuel tank which ended up not getting installed

Securing the big power lines

The "Double T" clamps made the process of securing the battery cables and the air hoses simple and easy with only one hole to drill for each mounting location. This was especially true for the twin line jumper cables. We just cut a small slit in-between the wires, placed the red and black cables in the double t clamps and attached them to the frame. We chose red clamps for the main power wires for simplicity's sake and we used gray for the air hoses.

The single T clamps were used for the main factory wiring harness leads so as to allow each lead to travel in the desired path so as to remain out of the way of obstacles such as thefuel tank selector solenoid, the the rear shock mounts and the transmission selector arm. The yellow color of the clamps really stand out from the black frame and the blue wire loom.

All that remained was to coat the nuts and the end of the stainless steel screws with some black superthane. Once completed, the show value was stepped up a couple of notches and we are very grateful to Made 4 You Products for their support.

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