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Rebuilding the Interior of Project Responder

The interior of the truck was paid just as much attention as the exterior. From new carpeting and new seats to a fully insulated and sound proofed cab, the end result is an interior design better than original.

This was much work that in seems it would have been. Since I did not take care in storing the original headliner assuming I would be able to purchase a new replacement, I had to scour salvage yards for a wrecked '86 - '95 supercab truck from which to secure a replacement. It turns out that it was very difficult to find some of the things I needed to complete the restoration. LMC Truck is a great resource, but when I was building Project Responder, my truck was not yet old enough for LMC to actually offer any replacement parts. Now I can get virtually anything for the truck now that it's over 20 years old. Go figure.

Things that could be upgraded, were. Such as the interior door panels, the dome light, the rear bench seat, and much, much more. Of course, with all of the work I put into it, I'll probably never let anyone ride in the rear seat. Not really, once I start using the truck for actual duty, I'll have to reconfigure the cab with a jump seat so two crew members fully geared up would be able to ride in the cab as well.