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Mud Flap Weights

Our mud flaps are as cool as mud flaps get, but they were still missing that finishing touch to keep them hanging true. Thanks to Road Works Manufacturing, our flaps will not be without weights. Using a very intricate metal cutting process, the great folks over at Road Works were able to create some very eye catching mud flap weights for us. They are specially cut for each application and in our case, precisely for our flaps width without covering the reflective design. The fact that these mud flap weights are flamed is even that much more impressive.

We did a lot of searching on the internet for mud flap weights that would fit our custom flaps. It seemed that everything was either ten inches wide or eighteen inches wide for duallys. We almost gave up until we finally came across Road Works web site. Of course, the flame version flap weights really caught our eye. These were absolutely perfect. We contacted Road Works and explained our situation and they were more than happy to help us out. All we had to do was measure our flaps and in under two weeks, we had two sets of flame mud flap weights custom cut for our application. The even come with all the necessary mounting hardware. All we had to do was drill a few holes for the mounting hardware and the job was done.

If itís stainless steel you seek, they can fabricate most any design when it comes to mud flap weights and thatís not all. They have a whole range of stainless steel accessories for the big rigs and light duty trucks. Be sure to visit their web site to see what they can do for you.

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