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McGard Lug Nuts

No one offers a better lug nut than McGard. We've used chrome McGard lug nuts in the past and no only do these lug nuts stand up to years of use without oxidizing, McGard unequivocally stands behind their products. So when we swapped out our old wheels for the Alcoa aluminum wheels, we needed to upgrade from the old mag style lug nuts to the newer acorn style. McGard was all too happy to help out. What was amazing was that the chrome McGard lug nuts which were previously on the truck had been installed since 1989 and they still looked as good when we removed them as they did when the lug nuts were installed.

McGard lug nuts, lifetime shine from the best lug nuts available.

We have to admit, that the acorn style chrome lug nuts are much easier to work with than the old mag style lug nuts. With the new McGard chrome lug nuts, we just have to put the wheel on the studs and zip the lug nuts up nice and tight, but not over tight. That's why we never use an impact wrench to tighten the lug nuts. We make the final turns with a torque wrench at about 125ft/lbs. The chrome McGard lug nuts look really sharp with the Alcoa wheels.

And just to make sure the wheels stay put, we have a set of McGard wheel locks installed as well. The McGard wheel locks are a special type of lug nut that is completely smooth on the outside so a regular wrench cannot be used to remove the wheel locks. It takes a special 'key' from McGard that fits a special groove in the wheel locks in order to be able to loosen or tighten the wheel lock lug nuts. These are just as tough as the regular McGard lug nuts and carry the same lifetime guarantee. We are extremely grateful to McGard for their support and for the superior quality products they provide.

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