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Mag-Hytec Covers

What good is having a completely rebuilt dana60 front axle or a newley rebuilt Sterling rear axle without a cool differential covers? That's exactly what we thought too. We are very thankful to have Mag-Hytec as one of our sponsors. Mag Hytec supplied us with two of the most awesome custom differential covers on the market today.

MagHytec offers the very best differential covers, period.

Mag-Hytec cover installed on the Dana 60 front axle.

Mag-Hytec cover on the Sterling rear axle.

When we originally contacted the folks over at Mag Hytec, we explained our project and they were not entirely sure of what it was we were up to. But the great folks over at Unitrax put in a good word for us and the next thing we knew, the MagHytec differential covers were at our front door. The reason we were so exicted about having the MagHytec differential covers is that we wanted the extra cooling capacity they have to offer along with the top fill plug, bottom drain plug and especially the magnetic dipstick.

The front Mag-Hytec differential cover on the Dana 60 front axle gave us a little bit of a problem in that because it protrudes out so far for the extra oil capacity, it created a clearance problem with the tie rod. It was not a significant issue. We were able to change the bends in the tie rod and drag link in order to provide the additional clearance we needed.

The rear MagHytec differential cover was a piece of cake to install. With both differential covers, they use an O-ring rather than a gasket, to seal the differential cover to the differential housing. The only problem we had was removing the rear factory differential cover since it had been installed with a gasket and gasket sealant. Once that was removed and the mating surface cleaned, the Mag Hytec differential cover mounted up without any difficulty.These differential covers are one of the most innovative products available for serious truck owners. Cast in A356T6 aluminum, Mag-Hytec aluminum differential covers feature increased lubricant and cooling capacity and they are equipped with a magnetic drain plug, 1/8 NPT temperature sender fitting, lube reference plug and a magnetic dipstick for checking fluid level and condition. Dipstick, drain, and reference plugs are MS 33649 and fitted with AS 568 O-rings, as is the cover gasket, which requires no sealant or gasket. All hardware is stainless steel, and the differential cover is texture-powdercoated in black with contrasting machined cooling fins. What more can a truck ask for?

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