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Lund Step Mates

Our Ford F-250 certainly ended up sitting much higher than we ever anticipated. Because of this, we needed some kind of step below the doors to facilitate getting in and out of our truck. We quickly decided against 'nerf' bars since we were looking for a factory appearance. The steps we wanted, the kind like you see on Ford Expeditions with courtesy lights in the ends, were not available for our model year Ford. We were happy, however, to find that Lund does offer a molded side step designed for our application.

The Lund stepmates out of the box.

Lund agreed to sponsor our project with a set of Step Mate running board steps. These are fiberglass steps with steel bracing and mounting hardware. The steps will be painted to match and then will be protected with some of our 3M vehicle protection film. Once in place, getting in and out of Project Responder will be a piece of cake. We are very grateful to Lund for their support and we're looking forward stepping out on the town with these Step Mates.

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