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LED Flasher

After Tomar sent us several additional LED light heads for our truck, we decided that it would be best to install a single heavy duty LED flasher in a central location that could power and control all of the emergency LED lights on our truck. Since we already had a couple of smaller LED flashers from Show-Me, we contacted the folks on the other side of the state and they were happy to send over one of their heavy duty solid state LED flashers. The model number is 03.W200, it's called the 60 Amp Alternating Multi-Light Flasher. This thing is a beast. It has a built in heat sink and a " stud for the power feed.

We decided to install the flasher in our power distribution center under the bed of the truck since it is the most central mounting location. We had plenty of room and after drilling a few holes we had it riveted in place and ready to connect. We ran the power feed and trigger wire up to the PDC. Then in the consolidator console we found the appropriate lead and connected it to the siren switch. Now, we connected the yellow and blue wires (one set) to the leads from the lightbar to control the Tomar led's we mounted up there. Then we ran some 18/2 cable to the back of the truck to connect to the red and blue led's in the Show-Me LED bar. Lastly, we ran another 18/2 cable to the front of the truck to the forward mounted PDC and connected the leads that run out to the Tomar LED lights on the front bumper.

Now the entire truck, other than the dash mounted led lights, are all simultaneously controled by the Show-Me random flasher. The results are spectacular. You'd think you were witnessing a set of marque lights on the Vegas strip. It's definitely a sight to see. Thanks to Show-Me / Able2 Products, we have one of the most unique and eye catching LED light shows anywhere. Stay tuned, soon we'll have some video for you to enjoy as well.

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