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K&N Air Filters and Stubstack


When it came time to cover our carburetor, we contacted K&N for their renowned filtration products. K&N was very generous to our project and provided us with some of their best stuff. First, we installed the K&N Stubstack®. The K&N Stubstack reduces turbulence, improves metering accuracy. Increases the airflow by reducing restriction. Straightens and speeds up air-flow. On top of the Stubstack, we installed a K&N filter kit which included the base pan and a two inch tall round filter element. On top of this, we anchored a K&N XStream Air Flow Top. Now we have the ultimate in air flow and performance for the engine.

K&N Stubstack

K&N Stubstack installed on our Holley carb.

K&N Stubstak with the lower pan and K&N filter element.

The K&N Xtreme filter cover installed along with the crankcase vent filter on the valve cover.

K&N Filtercharger kit

For the valve covers, K&N provided their steel base crankcase vent filters. Other than the oil filter, K&N has us covered.

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