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KC HiLites Titanium Daylighters

We were very excited to be given a set of KC Hilites Titanium Series Daylighters. KC was very generous in sponsoring our project with four of these new lights including the super cool KC Daylighter molded plastic rock guards. In fact, two of the daylighters were specially configured with flood light lenses for our unique lighting needs. The come with the 130w ice blue halogen bulbs and the one and only titanium finish.

We decided to mount these lights on the top of the bumper, two on either side of the Q-siren. We mounted the flood lights on the outside for maximum illumination and the spot lights on the inside for the long range. The lights were very easy to install. After drilling the holes, the lights were set in place and tightened down. The shock and vibration control bushing make mounting the daylighters pretty simple. The wiring is all external so we ran the wire loom in through the grille around the siren speakers.

Our new KC Titanium Daylighters.

The power wires were routed to the primary power distribution system and connected to the TST pdc's. The ground wires were secured to the radiator core supports. From there, we snapped in place the very cool KC rock guards and we were ready to light up the night. KC was one of our very first sponsors and we are extremely grateful for their support. We've tried other brands and we've found that nothing beats a KC Daylighter.

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