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Jumper Cables

When it comes to basic emergency equipment that everyone should have in their vehicle, jumper cables are at the top of the list. Thanks to the great folks over at Wrangler Power Products, we have some of the best jumper cables available. These jumper cables are custom made with 2ga marine grade wire. What makes these so great is the fact that they are designed as a quick disconnect configuration. Therefore the connector plug is inconspicuously mounted below the bumper and covered with a protective snap it cover. The jumper cable then runs back to the battery, in our case, a long, long way.

Wrangler's high quality jumper cables made of 2ga cable.

The other half of the jumper cable setup. This set runs from the battery to the front of the truck.

The actual jumper cables have the standard red and black clamps on one end and a quick disconnect coupler on the other. The coupler even has small red and green leds to indicate a proper connection on the disabled vehicle before connecting the jumper cables. This is a great feature that will prevent crossing the wires and harming the electrical system of either vehicle. The jumper cables are 25 feet long as well, giving us the ability to jump start a car or truck along side the highway without the need to park our truck in harms way or in precarious positions. All we have to do is connect the clamps to the disabled vehicle, walk back to our truck and plug the jumper cables in. We donít have to open the hood, especially since our batteries are under the service body.

Jumper cables are a must have and these jumper cables are state of the art. We are very thankful to Wrangler Power Products for their support and their great products.

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