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Jotto Desk Computer Mount

After Itronix sent us their GoBook II rugged laptop computer and vehicle cradle, we had to figure out how to get it mounted inside of our truck.  This was no easy task since we have a custom console already installed as well as custom seats and we were running out of space.  We were not sure we would be able to pull this one off.  Then we saw the computer mount in the new Union Ambulance District's ambulance.  It was sleek and well designed.  We found it it was manufactured by a firm in Arkansas so we picked up the phone and called Jotto Desk.

custom computer mount bolted to seat.
Custom mount fabricated from one inch steel tube, bolted to the passenger's seat pedestal.
jotto desk mount on custom braket.
View of the Jotto Desk computer mount secured to the custom braket.
Jotto Desk computer mount from driver
View of Jotto Desk mount above the console.
Another view of the computer mount.
Another view of the computer mount.
Another view of the Jotto Desk mount.
Another view of the Jotto Desk mount.
Another view of the Jotto Desk mount.
Another view of the Jotto Desk mount.

We were not actually seeking a sponsorship for this as we just wanted to get a mount for the truck ASAP since we had several shows coming up and we still did not have the computer mounted.  Much to our surprise (and delight), the folks over at Jotto Desk were very impressed with our project and sent us a mobile computer mount without charge.  So now it was the best of both worlds. We got a really cool computer mount and we didn't have to spend any dough to get it.

We knew we would have to do some fabrication work on our end since there were no mounts specifically for an '87 Ford truck.  The hardware arrived and we immediately went over to Haslag Steel and had a custom bracket fabricated with which to connect the Jotto Desk unit.  We had it made out of one inch square steel tubing so it would be rigid and stable for the the computer mount to attach.  The bracket was then cleaned and painted and installed on the seat pedestal under the passenger's side seat.  Next, the upright telescoping shaft was attached to the seat bracket.  Then the swing arm unit was attached just by slipping it over the end of the shaft. Jotto Desk even provided us with mounting hardware that bolted directly to the Itronix vehicle cradle.  Once it was bolted into place, it slid right into the swing arm.  The next thing we knew, the computer was in place.  All we had to from that point was to run the wires from one of the auxiliary fuse blocks to the vehicle cradle to power the Itronix notebook.

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