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Grill speakers and rotalasers

One of the key factors in moving traffic is getting driver's attention.These speakers are mathematically designed to achieve the highest output and maximum angle of deflection. Basically, they are very, very loud.Another factor is placing the speakers as far front and low to the ground as possible. To that end, we have chosen to continue with the configuration previously installed.

Installing the grille speaker assembly on the passenger side.

Installing the grille speaker assembly on the passenger side.

Installing the grille speaker assembly on the driver's side.

Installing the grille speaker assembly on the driver's side.

Grille speakers installed and ready for the Ford grille and body trim.

As you can see in the genesis section, our truck was outfitted with a set of code 3 grill speakers and ocilasers prior to being disassembled. The speakers that were on the truck had been there for nearly ten years. They were actually some of the prototypes from the factory that were created before they went into full scale production. The weather and the elements had really taken their toll. The aluminum was seriously oxidized and pitted from the exposure. The ocilasers were not in much better shape. Back then when these were just introduced, the factory did not seal the housings very well and moisture was a significant problem. The reflectors had also worked loose from the rivets and kind of just 'flopped' around inside as the unit operated.

For the re-birth of our truck, we have started from scratch. We have two new code 3 cp100 speakers and two brand new rotalasers courtesy of Fire Equipment Liquidators. We had new stand-off brackets created at a local shop and to them we attached the original E350 grille brackets. Everything was sandblasted and painted and then we were ready to install the new speakers and lights.

The hard part is getting everything to line up just right. After all, the grille has to go over these and still fit into it's mounting holes. It took quite a bit of effort to get the brackets lined up on the core support and mark the locations where we needed to drill. In order to drill the lower mounting holes, it was necessary to remove the lower body trim which you can see is missing in the photos at right. It really was a combination of a little bit of skill and a lot of luck. We started with the passenger side first. Once the upper and lower holes were drilled, we moved on to the driver's side.

Now we could finally install the complete siren/light assemblies. They look very strange and out of place right now, but once the new grille and the lower body trim are in place, they will look as if they were meant to be there.

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