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FRC Digital Tank Level

The TankVision is the ultimate solution in tank volume monitoring. It uses a pressure sensor to sense the amount of liquid in the tank and can be calibrated to accurately display the volume in tanks of all shapes and sizes.

When RKO was building our skid unit, we knew we were going to need some means of monitoring the tank level. The older style gauges that you see on most fire apparatus only have four indicator lights which do not provide a great deal of accuracy. When we contacted FRC about their Focus scene light, we also inquired about their tank vision gauge. They were more than happy to help us out. The gauge was sent to RKO for installation. The crew at RKO Enterprises created a very basic but very functional operation panel for us with a pressure gauge and the FRC Tank Vision gauge.

FRC Tank Vision digital water level gauge.
FRC Tank Vision digital water level gauge.
FRC tank vision water level gauge.
Rear view of the tank vision gauge. This unit is completely sealed.

The FRC digital tank vision level gauge installed on the skid unit.

The great thing about the Tank Vision gauge is that the sensor works in virtually any size and any shape tank. The gauge itself is self calibrating. By using the north pole of a magnet, the gauge calibration is achieved by "programming" the digital meter while filling the tank at a slow and steady flow. So no matter how large the tank or what shape the tank is, the Tank Vision digital gauge will do the job.

The TankVision is available for water, class A, and class B foam tanks with each display having a distinctive color and style. A single master display can be connected to an unlimited number of color coded, full size remotes using the FRC datalink.

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