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C6 Transmission

We knew when we started this project that we were not only going to need a fresh transmission, but we would also need a unit that was designed for the big block 460 since the bell housing is part of the transmission. We were very fortunate to find Matt Heady of Big Gun Automatics in Cedar Hill, MO. The monster trucks Matt has built over the years gave us a great deal of confidence in his mechanical ability.

We dropped off our C6 and explained to Matt exactly what we would be doing with this truck and how hard it would be used. The rebuild included a shift kit and special oiling modifications to increase capacity and longevity.

Ford C6 460 big block transmission
This is our freshly rebuilt C6 heavy duty transmission
Ford C6 460 engine transmission
This unit is definitely not stock, it's going to have a lot of weight to haul

We will be using a cast iron transfer case adapter rather than the cast aluminum that came from the factory

It didn't take Matt long to have the transmisison completed and ready for us to pick up. We did run into a few problems with the swap. First, we had a heck of a time finding the correct dip stick and tube for the transmission. It turns out, Ford quit making any replacement parts for the C6 a long time ago. We finally found a 'new old stock' dip stick and we were able to modify the tube from the 351 tranny to work. We also lost the tubing that runs from the transmission to the radiator to keep the transmission oil cool. The tubing was one of the casulties of the disassembly process. We didn't thing much of it, assuming we would be able to get replacements from Ford. WRONG ANSWER! We were able to fabricate our own tube to run up to the new B&M super oil cooler, but the fitting that connects the tubing to the radiator is a Ford only part and guess what? It was discontinued.

We did finally get lucky and find an F250 that has just recently been wrecked, out at Miller Auto Salvage in Owensville. We probably could have jerry-rigged it, but it was important to us to have all of the correct and necessary parts of the system.

Finally, Matt had given it a coat of gloss black paint and we added a couple extra for good measure. Now it was just a matter of time before the frame would be ready for the engine and the transmission.