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Linemaster Foot Switches

When it came time to get the Q-siren operational, we decided that the best solution for hooking up the power and making a lot of noise was to install a regular starter relay and activate the relay with a foot switch. We searched high and low on the internet and finally we found Linemaster. As it turns out, Linemaster is the major supplier of foot switches for the emergency vehicle market. So they sent out a couple of compact 491-SC36MP foot switches for us to control our Q-siren and our air horns. These footswitches are very nice and compact. They fit on the floor of the cab up and out of the way of normal driving but are within reach with the left foot to actuate them.

To begin with, we started by installing a Borg Warner starter relay behind the bumper. The power is fed by the Wrangler jumper cable leads which we cut and spiced in the necessary ring terminals to make the connections. Then we installed the Linemaster foot switch in the cab, ran the very long lead out to the front of the radiator support and spliced in a couple more feet to reach the relay. The power is tapped off of the jumper cable and the foot switch is a momentary switch that then triggers the relay, thus completing the circuit.

We are very grateful to Linemaster for their support and for the really great footswitches we used to complete the installation of the siren and the air horns.

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