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Firehouse Visits

Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District
103 East Beaver Street, Yorkville, IL 60560

Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District

On the way to North Aurora, we passed the Bristol-Kendall fire department late at night and we made a note to stop by on the way home. So, Saturday, on the way back home, we made sure to stop and get some photos. It turns out that Bristol-Kendall had one of their trucks at the Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show and they won first place in the "Best In Service Fire Vehicle" class. The crew at the fire house were very accommodating and we pulled up for a couple of quick photos.  This picture does not do their fire house any real justice because the front of the building is incredible. And what's really cool is the way they created a faux firehouse engine bay in front with a glass window where the roll up door would be and inside is one of their old pumpers. 

Back when this was added to the site, we had asked for someone to send us a snapshot of the front of the fire house becuase it is very impressive. We received two photos, one from Eirk Dabbs who is a Cadet with the department and one from Jordan Olson. These arrived quite some time ago and we were remis in getting them posted. Thank you very much to both Eirk and Jordan. We sincerely appreciate your photos so we can share them with the world.

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