Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District - Project Responder Firehouse Visits
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Firehouse Visits

Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District
914 Woodlawn Road, Lincoln, IL 62656

Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District

Project Responder stopped in Lincoln, IL for fuel on the way up to Chicago for the Emergency Vehicle Show.  While trying to find a gas station, we passed the Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District fire house.  So on the way back, we stopped and asked if they would mind if Project Responder were to pull up on the apron for a few photos.  They crew at the fire house were very gracious and helped guide the truck up into the driveway.  The guys there loved the truck and the Assistant Chief even invited us to show the truck over at the Lincoln County Fair going on across the highway.  Not being in any great hurry, we headed over behind their rescue #35.  We could only stay for a few hours, but we had a blast and we'll plan on having more time to visit next year when we head back to Chicago.

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