Greenup Volunteer Fire Department - Project Responder Firehouse Visits
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Firehouse Visits

Greenup Volunteer Fire Department
115 Cumberland St. Greenup,IL 62428

Greenup Volunteer Fire Department

Project Responder had stopped in Greenup, IL on the way out to Indianapolis for the PPPSI muster just the day before to fill up.  In the ten minutes or so we were in town, the local Fire Chief and a couple of the local volunteers stopped by to admire the truck.  We talked for a bit but we had to be on our way to get to Indy by six o'clock that evening.  We would have liked to been able to stick around for a while as nice as everyone was, but we had a schedule to keep.  

On the way back from Indy, we had plenty of time and were not in any kind of hurry. When the exit came up for Greenup, the timing was perfect. It was about 5:30 in the evening and it was getting time to fill up at the local Dairy Queen.  We stopped for dinner and parked the truck out front so it could easily be seen from the main road.  Without fail, by the time dinner was done, the Chief, along with the former Chief and about five other volunteers were out front admiring Project Responder and trying to figure out how they could convince me to let them have it to use as their new brush truck.  The Chief was incredibly friendly and I asked about getting some shots of the truck at the firehouse. He was more than accommodating.  We headed over to the department and within a few minutes, nearly half of the department had shown up to see what the commotion was about.

Everyone was extremely friendly and we sat around and shot the breeze for a couple of hours. One thing is for sure, the Greenup Volunteer Fire Department may be in a small town, but they are very well equipped and they do a great job. It's definitely a first rate operation.  The town of Greenup should be very proud of the men and women that make their department as good as it is.  And just so you know, Chief, I just may stop in on a Monday and take you up on the dinner offer.

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