Posey Twp. Clay Co. Volunteer Fire Department - Project Responder Firehouse Visits
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Firehouse Visits

Posey Twp. Clay Co. Volunteer Fire Department
600 W Columbus St. Staunton, IN 47881

Posey Twp. Clay Co. Volunteer Fire Department

Project Responder stopped near Staunton, IN to fill up and cool down. The Transfer Flow fuel tank was nearly empty and the engine's temperature was nearly in the red. It seems that the stock fan just does not move enough air to compensate for the operation of the air conditioning. Since this was the first time the truck had been out since having the A/C system put back together and charged, we weren't sure what to expect.  While the fuel tank was filling up, a few of the local volunteer firefighters saw the truck and came over to get a closer look.  They all admired the truck and we talked for bit while the truck was cooling off.  We made the determination to go ahead and fill our RKO skid unit at least half way just in case we had another overheating issue on the highway, that we could cool it down along the highway.  One of the firefighters offered to help and thus started our new campaign to find the local firehouse in whatever town we visit and get a photo of Project Responder there at the firehouse.

So we followed the volunteer to the Posey Twp. Clay Co. Volunteer Fire Department just a few miles down the road.  Once there, he and another local firefighter helped man the hydrant and we put about seventy five gallons in the skid unit.  Then it was time for the photo op.  The fire department was once an old church, which has since been converted into what you see today. The cornerstone of the church building was dated 1911.  The fire department was established here about forty years later.  We got our photo and thanked everyone for all of their help before heading back out to the highway on our way back home. So begins our new photo gallery which will grow as the truck travels around the country.  Keep an eye out, you never know, we might just stop in your town next.

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