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Douglas Batteries

We needed reliable, dependable batteries for our project. Douglas Battery had just the products. The provided us with their gold group 24 starting battery and an Aquatroll deep cycle marine RV battery.

The Gold series starting batteries has heavy duty grids with a maintenance free calcium/calcium construction. The caps are flush for a clean installation along with recessed carrying handles. Most important, each battery comes with 24hr roadside assistance. They really stand behind their batteries.

The group 31 Aquatrol deep cycle marine RV battery boasts the same features plus an impressive 130min amp/hour rating at 20amps. The ability to draw 20 amps for over two hours means that we can leave the truck parked with the engine off for hours running just a few strobes and led's. We'll have plenty of warning power and long lasting reserves of energy.

We're very grateful to Douglas Battery for their support and for such great products.

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