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DeWalt Power Tools

A rescue vehicle would not be complete without tools. While Project Responder has a wide range of tools and equipment onboard, some of our most prized pieces were supplied by DeWalt. We chose DeWalt for their extremely high quality and durability. If you were to visit most any construction site, you'll see the yellow DeWalt logo almost everywhere. This is why we asked DeWalt to join our project and supply us with some extreme duty cordless equipment for use in rescue operations and they were happy to fulfill our request.

DW008K-2 24v Reciprocating Saw

DW987K-2 18v Drill/Driver

DW941K-2 14.4V Cordless Swivel Head and Shear Kit

DW055K-2 14.4V Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

We chose to include a reciprocating saw, " drill, " impact wrench and metal shears. All four pieces will be carried in the Stahl Grand Challenger service body, ready for whatever situation for which they may be needed.

In fact, we've already put the drill and the saw to good use getting Project Responder finished up and ready to roll. The power of these tools is incredible and the convenience of cordless is invaluable.

We'd like to give special thanks to DeWalt for their support and contribution.

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