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Dana 60 Front Axle Replacement - page two

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The axle was completely torn down by Jim Schiele. All of the internal parts were hot tanked and the axle housing along with the steering knuckles and stone shields were sent out for sandblasting. We took the hubs, rotors, axles and spindles to refinish in house.

For the parts we brought back, we began with the axles. These were taped off to protect the bearing surfaces and the splines. We then began blasting with silica sand. Once they were cleaned of all rust and scale, we hung them up and gave them a coat of primer. Then we turned our attention to the hubs. The rotors and studs were removed since we had to install new parts. This made the hubs much easier to work with. There was nothing to tape since we were going to install new bearings and races. So we opened the valve and let the sand fly. Once the hubs were completely rust free (inside and out), we set them aside and put a coat of primer on them as well.

Once the primer was dry (in about an hour) we began layering the first coat of enamel paint. We chose blue for the axles and U-joints and we chose gloss black for the hubs. On the rotors, since they were brand new, we just de-greased them and layered the first coat of blue. After all, with all of the work we had done so far, and with so much invested, the last thing we want is to allow rust an easy home.

Ford Dana 60 axle hub
Hub before sandblasting
Ford Dana 60 axle hub cleaned painted
After sandblasting and primer
Ford Dana 60 axle hub and rotor
After painting, with rotor and studs installed
Ford Dana 60 axle shafts
Axles sandblasted, painted and re-assembled
Cleaning the Ford Dana 60 axle spindles
Cleaning the spindles
Cleaning the spindles
Cleaning the spindles

Now that the axles, hubs and rotors had dried, we had the studs and rotors pressed onto the hubs at a local parts house, Beier's Automotive in Murphy Flats, as well as installing the agricultural grade U-joints.

Once more, we had to break out the spray paint. We degreased the u-joints and sprayed them blue. For the hubs & rotors, we touched up the nicks from the press.

Lastly, we had to clean up the spindles since these could not easily be sandblasted. Using a stiff wire wheel brush, we cleaned all off the rust and scale. Fortunately, we were supplied by Zero Rust with a couple of cans of their black rust barrier coating. Once cleaned, we coated the metal with the Zero Rust and we were very pleased at how quickly it dried and how well it covered.

Now all we had to do was wait for our axle housing and other parts to be completed by the sandblaster.

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