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Ceramic Coatings

It did not take long for our L&L Ultraflow headers to start looking like thay had seen thousands of miles. Even with the special coating from L&L, the headers, especially the driver's side, showed significant rusting and pitting. The looked nothing like the beautiful silver headers we installed a few years ago. Needless to say, we were incredibly disapointed with the appearance of the headers, especially after all of the work we did to make the truck as trick as possible.

This is where Moore Power Coatings in Waverly, Nebraska come in to the scene. We searched the internet looking for a super high quality ceramic coating with which we could have our entire exhaust, except the Magnaflow mufflers, coated and made show quality. Pat Moore, the owner of Moore Power Coating, was more than happy to help us out. So we removed the exhaust and we removed the headers. A local shop, Short Run Boxes made up some custom cardboard boxes for us and we shipped them to Moore Power Coatings.

rusted, corroded headers before CermaKrome was applied.
Our L&L Ultra Flow headers after two years and 600 miles. The driver's side was the worst.
Our L&L Ultra Flow headers after two years and 600 miles. The passenger's side header was the least rusted.
The L&L Ultraflow headers after being bead blasted and coated with CermaKrome.
The L&L Ultraflow headers afer being coated with CermaKrome.

It did not take long, less than two weeks actually, before the headers and the exhaust were back in our shop. Now came the hard part, getting the headers back on the engine without scratching or maring the new CermaKrome coating. We used an old beach towel and some cable ties to wrap the header tubes, leaving the mouting flange accessable. While one person lifted the header up from underneath the truck, another person gingerly guided the header in place, and started a couple of bolts. From there, the rest was pretty easy. The rest of the ARP stainless steel header bolts were installed. Next, the exhaust tubing was bolted to the collectors on the headers. The Magnaflow mufflers were then secured with some stainless steel band clamps. Lastly, the exhast exit tubes were put in place and the new exhaust system was complete. Thanks to Moore Power Coatings, when you look under the hood, all you'll see is shine. And the best part is, the CermaKrome does not yellow as does real chrome, nor does it rust or pit. So we have the best of both worlds, shine and protection. We are sincerely grateful to Pat Moore for his support and amazingly fast turnaround times.

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