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Cast Products

When we decided to use Tomar strobes on our truck, we knew instantly the housings to mount them had to be from Cast Products. We immediately got on the phone and asked Cast Products to sponsor us. We were very happy when they agreed. This meant that we had a classy and elegant means of mounting out Tomar remote strobe and led heads.

Cast Products flush mount speaker and light housing.

Cast Products speaker w/ a Tomar rect37 strobe head installed.

CPI flush mount speaker installed with Tomar rect37ss strobe head mounted.

Cast Products 15 'intersection' housing in front and flush mount 3x7 housing mounted to the side.

We asked for quite a lot and CPI really delivered. We wanted to be able to mount two additional flush mounted siren speakers in the bumper as well as mount the 3x7 strobe heads all around the truck. I think Cast Products has a polished aluminum housing for just about any kind of emergency lighting product available. They sent out the strobe mounts and the speakers along with some nifty recessed Truck-Lite marker light housings and some other miscellaneous housings. Now all we had to do was get them installed.

Starting with the bumper, we first measured and cut out the rectangular hole for the speaker / light combo. Then we used the front bezel as a template and drilled the four mounting holes. Before we installed the speakers, we took them apart and had them powder coated over at Spectrum Industrial Coatings with a really sharp silver metallic finish. We then put the main housing up from the inside and using the supplied hardware, secured the bezel to the speaker housing, through the bumper. Just four bolts and it was in place. We just did the same on the other side and instantly we had a finished product. Installing the Tomar rect37 strobes was a snap since the housings we got were pre drilled and tapped to accommodate the Tomar housings.

Next we installed the Cast Products 15 intersection light housings in the swept back sides of the bumper. We specifically had the bumper designed for the ends to sweep back at 15 so the installed lights would face forward. Normally, these are designed to be installed in the sides of an emergency vehicle so the light will project forward and out to the side for intersection warning. We have so many lights that we decided to go this route. The Tomar red/blue LED's installed perfectly and the front of the truck was complete.

For the sides of the truck, we used a flush mount style 3x7 housing over the rear wheels and a recessed mount in the bumper. For the bumper, these are superb since the housings are fully enclosed except for a small opening in the back for the power cable. This adds a great deal of protection to the lights and the connectors. Over the wheels in the back, we did not want to cut a large hole in the sheet metal so we used the surface mount housings and they install with only two bolts. All stainless steel of course.

For the rear, we used two more recessed housings and mounted them in the rear of the service body. They look so perfect they could be mistaken for a factory installation.

Thanks to cast products, we were able to get all of our strobes and LED's mounted perfectly and in style. They are easy to work with and they are the finest quality products on the market. The polished aluminum really shines as well. See us at a show near you to get a close up look at these great housings.

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