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Bullard Fire Helmets

When it comes to firefighting gear, the fire helmet is one of the most important pieces of personal protective gear a firefighter wears. There are several manufacturers and styles to choose from. We chose Bullard because they have been in the business of protecting firefighters for more than one hundred years. A lot has changed over that time, but not the quality that goes into every Bullard product. We opted for the traditional style fire helmet, known as the UST helmet. It looks like the fire helmet style of the earlier days of firefighting. But it has all the current safety features and latest in personal protective technology.

We ordered our fire helmet in black with a semi-traditional leather front. We also opted for the full face shield for a higher level of eye protection and safety. The top of the fire helmet sports a brass eagle which holds the leather front in place. The outer shell of the traditional helmet is made out of Thermoglas® which virtually eliminates the chipping and cracking usually associated with fiberglass fire helmets.

We are very grateful to have the support from Bullard for our project and when it comes to fire helmets, we will feel that much safer knowing the Bullard UST traditional style helmet is up there.

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