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Borgeson Steering Control

We knew when we started disassembling our truck that we wanted to get rid of the factory steering shaft flex joint. We contacted several firms looking for a high quality replacement and Borgeson stepped up to the plate. They provided us with their replacement steering assembly and we were incredibly impressed. The unit as supplied was several inches too long for our application so before we degreased and painted the steering shaft, we first slipped the inner piece out of the assembly and cut it down by four inches so that it would allow us to collapse it far enough to fit between the steering column connection and the AGR steering gear box. After it was shortened, we cleaned an painted it with a high quality silver paint to prevent the steering shaft from oxidizing.

Borgeson steering flex shaft
Borgeson steering flex shaft
Borgeson steering arm installed
Borgeson steering arm installed.

Steering arm with AGR gearbox and pump connected.

Before we could install the shaft assembly, we first had to do some maintenance on the steering column. We removed the end cap from the column and removed the bearing pack from the end of the column assembly. We thoroughly degreased and cleaned the bearings which were packed with dirty, dried grease and grime. After the bearings were cleaned and re-greased, we re-installed them along with a new end cap from Ford. Next, we slid the Borgeson steering assembly onto the end of the steering column and secured it in place with the allen head set screw.

Next we installed the AGR steering gear box. In order to get the Borgeson unit to fit, we actually installed the AGR gear box with one bolt so we could tilt it back and allow the Borgeson unit to slip over the splined connection. Once the Borgeson and AGR assemblies were lined up, we tilted the gear box into it's correct position and inserted the remaining two bolts. The set screw was tightened on the Borgeson unit and the installation was complete.

The quality of this piece is amazing. The action is smooth and there is no play or slop in the steering now at all. The Borgeson steering shaft is one of the best aftermarket product replacements that we recommend. Our thanks to Borgeson for their support.

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