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ARP Stainless Bolts

Our engine already looked good, but thanks to ARP, now our engine looks great! ARP has generously donated a complete stainless steel bolt accessory engine dress up kit and several loose bolts so that we could replace most of the standard hex head bolts that will eventually rust, with stainless steel bolts that are stronger than grade 8 bolts.

Direct from ARP, the kit is complete and ready to dress up the engine.

Fastening the L&L engine mounts. The gold around the bolt heads is the anti-seize compound.

Fastening the oil pan and L&L accessory brackets.

Front view showing the L&L brackets (in yellow) all being secured with ARP fasteners.

It's amzing what a few stainless steel bolts can do to dress up an engine!

Using the accessory kit, we replaced the the bolts on the intake manifold, water pump, oil pan and distributor hold down. With the extra bolts supplied by ARP, we replaced the grade 8 bolts on all of the accessory brackets supplied by L&L products. And once the engine is on the chassis, we will use the stainless header bolts to mount the L&L Ultra flow headers.

It's absolutely amazing, the difference stainless makes. Our engine has gone from nice to nebular in just a couple of hours.

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