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Water Pump Installation

With all of the problems we had over the summer with the engine overheating, we decided to make some significant changes. We tried swapping out the failed fan clutch with a flex-a-lite dual electric fan setup but that just made matters worse. So we contacted BeCool and Marty was incredibly helpful. They agreed to help us out with a new, custom made all aluminum radiator and we purchased a new edlebrock high performance water pump. Now, there would be no doubt as to whether or not the cooling system would be able to keep up. The first task was to remove the radiator since that would make getting to the water pump that much easier. Not that it would be easy in and of itself. With the radiator out of the way, we could easily remove the fan clutch and fan from the water pump shaft. Now came the hard part, getting the water pump off of the engine without removing the alternator, power steering pump and air conditioning compressor since each one of these had their bracketry connected to the water pump. It took some finesse but we managed to remove the pump without having to remove too much of the L&L brackets.

factory 460 water pump
The old factory water pump was not up to the task.
high flow performace 460 water pump.
The new edlebrock high flow precision water pump for our 460.
Ford 460 big block with water pump removed.
The 460 motor with the old water pump removed.
460 motor with high performance water pump installed.
The 460 now with the new high performance water pump installed.

The new water pump, being aluminum, was sprayed with a clear laquer to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing. Then it was bolted to the engine block after being carefully put into place with the new gaskets and backing plate that came with it. After re-installing the ARP stainless bolts to mount the water pump to the 460, the L&L brackets were reattached. The belts were reinstalled and tensioned. Last, but not least, the lower radiator hose was reattached. Now all that was left was to install fan clutch & fan, and to install the new BeCool radiator and Project Responder will be running cool no matter how hot it gets.