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3M Paint Protection Film

Have you ever had a new vehicle with a beautiful new paint job only to have it "ruined" by rock chips in the hood and around the headlights after you get it out on the road? Well thanks to 3M, we have a leg up on the problem and we no longer have to have a bug shield installed that completely messes up the vehicle's aerodynamics. 3M Paint Protection Film is specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes. It is ideal for protecting painted surfaces in high-wear areas from chipping, denting, abrasion, and most types of environmental damage. A tough urethane base provides protection, and a high performance clear coat with a high gloss appearance resists staining and yellowing. The 8 mil film thickness offers the right amount of protection and conformability to fit most any shape and still provide a high level of protection.

We ended up with two rolls of the 3M paint protection film. One roll of the 8mil material and one roll of their 15mil material. The 15mil 3M paint protection film is too thick to conform to compound surfaces very well, but it's great to use on mostly flat or simple bends to provide protection in more heavily used areas such as the rocker panels and around the door handles. The problem was, we had no easy way to cut the material to fit our vehicle. Invinca-Shield to the rescue. They were more than willing to help us out by cutting our 8mil 3M paint protection film material to fit our truck. Because they already have kits designed for most vehicles on the market, they were able to zip out our film in nothing flat. Then Greg from Dr. Vinyl out of Washington, MO came out and applied the kit to the front of our truck for us. Greg did an amazing job and the 3M paint protection film looks awesome. Now we have protection from rocks and bugs (as high as the truck sits, we hope most rocks won't get this high) and we have our aerodynamics. No longer will the windshield washer fluid get blown away at highway speeds because of a bug shield. We now have the ultimate in paint protection thanks to our 3M paint protection film and a little help from Invinca-Shield.

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